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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Stimulus Check Provided By Governor Gavin Newsom

The government of the state of California is to provide a stimulus check of about 600 USD to the eligible citizens of the state. The total number of people residing in the state is almost 40 million and out of them, about two-thirds will be receiving the money. The money is to be generated in the month of September this year. The total amount of the budget is 100 billion USD. The main aim behind providing the money is to uplift the economic situation of the people living in the state following the coronavirus pandemic.    

California Stimulus Check Details

With the rise in the cases of the Delta variant of coronavirus across the country, the online petition that was started in order to streamline the demand for the recurring stimulus checks has reached over 2.7 million signatures. Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state of California gave his approval for the California Comeback Plan of the year 2021.

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It was done in the first week of July. According to the plan, a total of 8.1 billion USD has been allotted for stimulus checks to be provided within the state. As per the provisions of the said plan, those taxpayers whose income falls within 30,000 USD to 75,000 USD per year, will receive the amount of 600 USD from the state government. The plan also provides money to all those migrant families without documents. They will be receiving 500 USD.

It has been stated that all the payments will be made in September. Governor Gavin Newsom gave a statement on providing the stimulus checks to one of the news sources. He stated that the money would be provided to small businesses and those families who were struggling economically.  

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