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Friday, December 9, 2022

Stimulus Check Guidelines Laid For California

Stimulus Check has been demanded by the Americans for a long time. The Stimulus Check program was initiated by US President Joe Biden. It aimed to provide monetary assistance to the families plagued by the pandemic. The pandemic meant there was a complete shutdown imposed on the country. This made most Americans lose their jobs.

 Most of the citizens were associated with on-site jobs. This made it very difficult for households to see off their families. Even the ones working from home were not being paid well. The situation has worsened in the United States recently. This has led the people to ask for more checks from the government.

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 Petitions have been signed by many people that call for monthly checks. One of the petitions is nearing the 3 million mark. However, some of the states in America have decided to roll out stimulus payments for their residents. Let us know about the plan and criteria in detail. 

Stimulus Check Confusion For Social Security Beneficiaries 

A survey stated that the stimulus checks were predominantly used to pay off essential expenditures. People used the money to pay their rental bills and debts. The covid scenario in the US does not seem too bright. America has witnessed an alarming spike in the covid cases in recent weeks. This has made the people demand the money even more. 

California sanctioned its stimulus program for its residents. The Golden State Stimulus II will be provided to all eligible citizens. Qualifying citizens will be provided with $600. Families with children will be given an additional $500. However, confusion has arisen about whether social security beneficiaries are eligible. 

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To qualify for the stimulus check, one has to earn under $75000 annually. Citizens whose only source of revenue is from social security, will not qualify. For further queries, one can refer to their online portal. 

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