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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Stimulus Check Hits A Deadend?

Stimulus Check for the fourth round seems very much unlikely. The government has no plans of announcing further rounds of payments. Citizens of America have been routing for added payments for a long time. They stated that many households still need money to survive. The money provided as Stimulus Checks were not sufficient. The received money was exhausted within a span of three months. 

Considering the current situation of America, these concerns do seem legit. The federal government also justified its decision of not providing any more money. Checks for the third and final installment have been rolled out. The IRS plans no further assistance to the citizens. The unemployment benefits that were announced will also be scrapped. 

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September was the last time money was rolled out for the unemployed. Petitions were signed and letters were posted to the President. The petitions became a huge hit instantly. One of the petitions can be found in Change.Org. It has recorded a massive number of support from the citizens. 

The petition has signatures from over a 2.8million people. If the signatures cross the mark of $3m then it would become the most signed of all time. The federal government, however, does not seem interested in the plan. The future for more stimulus checks looks bleak. Let us learn more in detail below.

Stimulus Check 4: No More Money In 2022

Stimulus Check seems to have hit the end of the road. All the federal checks are disbursed for the year. No news of new checks has been announced. Families receiving the child tax credit have been left concerned. The checks will not be continued as long as the spending bill is not passed. 

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President Joe Biden has stressed passing the Build Back Better Plan fast. However, they failed to do so and things would be dragged till January. This means there will be no fresh CTC checks on 15th January. Biden had earlier proposed the extension of child tax credit stimulus check for a year. 

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