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Stimulus Check Update: How To Get A Renter Check

With the pandemic continuing on its path to squeeze the financial institutions in the country, a stimulus check seems poignant now more than ever. And interestingly, there are tens of billions of dollars in emergency rental assistance- which has been approved as a major part of federal COVID relief- is still out there, as stated by data from the U.S Treasury.

Unfortunately, only a minute number of the renter stimulus payments of the government have been able to reach the people who need them- despite massive efforts undertaken to increase the pace of distribution. This payment would definitely help tenants catch up to their bills and debts. 

Stimulus Check for Renters in Shambles

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While the stimulus check money does seem pretty hard to achieve, it is definitely not impossible, with several officials stating that the process was improving at a tremendous pace. At the same time, a national ban on evictions ended up being cut short in late August by a ruling from the Supreme Court, which has definitely pushed renters at the deep end.

According to news, the two latest stimulus packages set aside by Congress- a total of $46.6 billion- would help renters pay their utility costs as well as overdue rent. But, currently, just $7.7 billion has made its way so far- which is simply 16.5% of the total money- as revealed by the US Treasury on Friday. 

Now while the stimulus check funds are being sent over by Washington, they are still being distributed through several hundreds of programs at the local and state levels. And the Treasury has stated that there are many jurisdictions that have more work to do in order to meet this urgent demand for relief from these communities. With aid stretched thin, renters in several places across the country have not been receiving the same levels of responsiveness or service. 

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Individuals need to understand the stimulus check aid which is available to renters is definitely sizable. In the state of Illinois, most eligible tenants and their landlords could definitely apply for a single of around $25,000 which would help them pay off a maximum rent of 15 months. 

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