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Stimulus Check: How To Get Your Money

Stimulus Checks have been vociferously demanded by the Americans. The money received was of great help to the citizens. They could focus more on productivity and worry less about financial stress. The government sent the money in three parts. The third and the last installment were rolled out quite a while ago. However, there were instances where people did not get the money. This happened because the checks had criteria. Residents who earned less than $75000 annually were eligible for the payments. 

Despite the help from the government, most of the citizens are still struggling. Households are finding it difficult to cope up. The pandemic left the economy in tatters. People are desperately in need of more money. To add to all these, there has been a new variant on the loose. Reports of the Omicron variant are spreading fast. The variant looks to be much deadlier than the previous ones. Such a scenario has made the citizens call for more money. 

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However, a federal check is out of connection as of now. The government is more focused on the Infrastructure Bill at the moment. Joe Biden has also stressed the importance of rapid vaccination. There is still money available. A selected number of people will get stimulus checks. Let us look at the procedure below. 

Stimulus Check Worth $1400 For Families

The $1400 stimulus checks were already sent by thr IRS earlier. However, as per the provision, families will be eligible for more such checks. The federal government will provide $1400 for each new dependent added. The money would also be dished out to babies born in 2021.

In order to claim the money, the applicant needs to submit a 1040 form. This will enable the applicant to get $1400 for each added dependent or any newborn baby. 

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