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Stimulus Check- How To Retrieve Your Lost Money!

As per the information derived from so many sources, it has been revealed that almost 90% of the citizens have passed the eligibility test in order to receive the stimulus checks. The total amount of the said check is 1,400 USD. However, this does not mean that there is no such citizen who did not receive the money. There are still so many people who could not receive the third round of financial aid provided by the government

Stimulus Check- Important Information

Currently, the department of IRS is one of the busiest in the country. They are so caught up in providing the stimulus checks in bulk and that too under various different programs. The money they are sending is the traditional refunds, plus up payments, child tax credit stimulus checks, and unemployment benefits. It is also to be noted that they are still not done, there still is so much work left. A total of 35 million taxes are already waiting to be processed by them. So considering the workload and the diversity in the programs, there might be a delay or any of that sort for some who did not receive their money. 

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As per the statement given by the IRS department, new batches of the financial relief fund were already dispatched by them. And they were precisely sent to those people who filed for their taxes recently. The ones who lacked the needed information including routing numbers, bank account, and address. The deadline for the tax filing which was on the 17th of May has declined. However, this is not the end. People can still file for an extension and get the job done by the 15th of October this year. This will enable the IRS to get access to the required information and the filers might get their share of the stimulus checks. 

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