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Stimulus Check Update 2022: Illinois Deadline To Apply For $500 Monthly Direct Checks

Evanston city, Illinois has partnered with Northwestern University to launch a universal basic income program known as the Guaranteed Income Pilot Program which will be providing 500 dollars to 150 households for a year.

The aim of this stimulus check is to look at the impacts of this program which will provide the researchers at Northwestern University with first-hand beneficiaries’ experience.

The Deadline For Stimulus Check For People In Illinois Is Quickly Approaching

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Mayor Daniel Biss has expressed how proud the city is to join this growing movement in a press statement. It has been also stated that this stimulus check program will assist and will come with “no strings attached” which means that the families could spend the sum according to their and their family’s needs.

The families have expressed their gratitude to Northwestern University and the Evanston Community Foundation and also to Cicely Fleming, a former council member, for this plan to utilize the ARPA funding.

What are the eligibility criteria?

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This program is for all families who live in Evanston with a family income below 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Line. The residents will have to qualify these following terms:

  • 18 to 24-year-old adults
  • 62 years old and older
  • Members who do not have any documents.

How to apply?

The application period is from August 15 – August 29. Visit the website cityofevanston.org/gi for more detailed information about the application and the program. After the application deadline, 150 applications will be chosen by a lottery system. The selected applications will be able to take part in this program.

The Director of Economic Security for Illinois, Harish I. Patel has expressed that this stimulus check program is more than just providing 500 dollars per month to the families. This will help to reimagine and humanize and make society stronger while reshaping the relationship between the people and the government. They have also expressed their desire for this initiative to inspire other cities across Illinois to start similar stimulus check programs.

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