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Stimulus Checks: A Part Of The “California Comeback Plan”

Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state of California, approved the stimulus check, the amount of which is said to be 100 billion USD. This was made into a law in order to strengthen the economic recovery of the state. The main reason behind this step is to work towards improving the economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The plan under which this provision is added is termed the “California Comeback Plan.”

Stimulus Checks And Its Provisions

The said plan with regard to the state of California was proposed for the first time in the month of May. It contains numerous measures that aim to bring about an improvement in the lives of citizens and the economy financially. It also includes another batch of stimulus checks that are to be provided to the tax rebates and residents for those people who own businesses.

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The concerned plan is the most massive plan with regard to the state of California until now. Gavin Newsom, the Democratic state governor, gave a statement concerning his decision to provide the stimulus checks under the historic plan. He claimed that the state was making its way from the economic downfall with the help of the government. He tried to make the point that his government would do anything to restore the economy of the state. 

An important part of the plan is that more than 50% of Californians will be receiving 600 USD monthly checks. Also, those families who qualify for the stimulus checks will also be receiving a total of 500 USD apart from the direct payments. Other than that, there is also a provision for the relief that will be provided to all the small businesses of the state. Other than that, the plan includes rental assistance, financial help towards children, assistance for the homeless, and many more.   

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