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Friday, February 3, 2023

Stimulus Check In New Year?

Stimulus Check needs are getting more and more inevitable. As the economy starts to recover, people are facing more difficulties. The financial crisis is expected to hit an all-time high. With the rapid recovery of the economy comes the threat of inflation. The prices are expected to rise by a fair margin.

This will only add to the already existing financial agony of the people. Thousands of families are facing difficulties in meeting their household expenses. The federal government does not seem interested in providing more money. However, the states seem to have come to the rescue of the people. Most of the states have announced financial assistance for the residents. 

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America recorded a sharp increase in covid cases in recent weeks. This suggests that the pandemic crisis is not over yet. Some of the lawmakers have taken the initiative to stand by people’s demands. 

Stimulus Check Might Not Be Announced Again

Democratic leaders like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders & Ron Wyden have approached the government. They structured a letter asking for the unemployment aids and stimulus checks to continue. They also asked the government to grant the people direct deposits until the crisis is finally over. The officials mentioned in the letter the struggle the common mass is going through.

Despite the strong pushes, the likeliness of another Stimulus Check is bleak. The government does not seem too interested in further fundings. The petition of Omar has remained stagnant with the backing of only four legislators. The government is looking forward to increasing the rate of vaccination. This would normalize the situation rapidly.

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The rate of unemployment has shot up drastically. More people have been recorded without the job post-pandemic. The percentage stands at 5.9% with around 6.8m people without a job. The government did design the Unemployment aid, but it did not reach everybody due to various reasons. 

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