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Stimulus Check: IRS Creates Confusion

The department of the IRS has generated close to 5 million notices with regard to the stimulus checks. The notice fails to let people know about their complete legal rights. The letters were sent in order to correct the mistakes that were made by the department while working on the tax returns of the people. However, not all information was mentioned by them. In fact, the department missed out on one of the most important factors, which is the fact that the citizens were only left with a span of 60 days in order to state the errors.

Stimulus Check And The Eligibility Ruckus 

The Taxpayer Advocate Service, or the TAS, is an institution that extends help to the people to solve problems with the IRS related to the taxes and stimulus checks. They were quite vocal to speak on the matter. They claimed that the negligence of the department to not mention such important information was something more than a bad service paid towards the customers. They also talked about the right of the taxpayers to know about the tax system. And added that the department violated the rights. 

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As per the TAS, the department of the IRS sent the faulty letters to those who claimed the credit of the recovery rebate on the tax returns of the year 2020. According to the credit, those eligible citizens who did not receive the first two rounds of the stimulus checks or those who did not receive the entire amount will get to claim it. And after following this step, they are supposed to receive the leftover stimulus checks that they were actually entitled to. This is what has created a lot of confusion among the people especially with regard to the subject of eligibility.      

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