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Friday, December 3, 2021

Stimulus Check Update: The IRS Might Be Owed Money If They Send A Letter

According to some mainstream news, a mathematical error in the IRS led to a large section of the population receiving stimulus check payments that they shouldn’t have. Now, they would have to pay the money that they owe the IRS. This has turned out to be a true scenario, with multiple letters being sent throughout the country, to those who have claimed the recovery rebate on the tax returns of last year.

The rebate was usually for those who didn’t initially receive the stimulus payments, only to claim them with their return. It has been reported that they then received the money along with the refund.

Stimulus Check Error Has The IRS Sending Letters 

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 The IRS has recently pushed through the letters to Americans that owe the stimulus check payments back, and the agency has already mailed close to 9 million people between the months of January and July. Now, the IRS has to go through all the returns, and meticulously issue around 6470 letters than they have ever written before.

The letter implies that an error was made, and most of the taxpayers would be owing more money. As reported, out of the 9 million letters that were sent initially, around 7 million of them were about the stimulus payments. 

The agency went on to state that the legislation had made it abundantly clear for them that they had to send out stimulus check payments for the pandemic- with unprecedented urgency. This, naturally, led to many errors- as the process was usually supposed to take weeks. It has been reported that people who don’t respond to the mail within 60 days, will have the IRS start collections whichever way they can. 

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Quite a huge chunk of the population has tried calling the IRS to discuss and enquire about the stimulus check issue- but the current year has simply seen around 167 million calls made, out of which 9% were answered. 

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