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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Stimulus Check: How Close Is A Fourth Round?

There are a number of sources all over the internet spreading false news about the incoming fourth round of stimulus checks. Some of the lawmakers of the country were constantly placing their demands for another round of the direct payments to be made available to the people. However, as of now, there are a number of conflicting theories arising out of this fact.

Critics are now making the argument that the money need not be provided as the country is going through a post-lockdown phase. To place it in simpler terms, the number of jobless people in the country is declining with time. If calculated with the data from the year 2020, it is the lowest. Nevertheless, the people remain undeterred in demanding another round of the stimulus checks.

Stimulus Checks Demand

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The total number of signatures submitted on the online petition for the next round of direct payments is 2.6 million. It has been stated in the petition that most of the people are still going through debts that are from 2020. It was taken for basic things like child care and rent. The petition also states the current unemployment rate, which is 20%. The first three rounds of the stimulus checks provided help to the families in making their household expenses and fulfilled certain other needs during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, as for now, there is no such provision for the fourth round of payments in the draft infrastructure plan that is a bipartisan one. It is also absent from any of the economic proposals made by Joe Biden, the President. The only money that has been provided is the child tax credit stimulus checks that were distributed from the 15th of July. two packages that were proposed by the White House include the family’s plan and the jobs plan for the citizens. However, none of it mentioned anything about the direct payments. 

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