Stimulus Check Update- Pressure Of Issuing Stimulus Payments In Pennsylvania

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Governor Tom Wolf was recently in Pennsylvania where he urged the Republican-led General Assembly to pass legislation that would send a stimulus check payment of $2,000. This would ideally be issued to Pennsylvanians that would be making a sum of $80,000 or less. Wolf also made a proposal of $1.7 billion back in February, which also included the direct payments. But currently, it is understood that the state is just sitting on a $2 billion part of the entire American Rescue Plan. 

Stimulus Check Payment In Pennsylvania

In an interview with CBS Pittsburgh, Governor Wolf stated that he had been talking about a sum of $2 billion that was sitting in a checking account in Harrisburg which would have to be sent back to Washington if the state didn’t use it by the end of 2024. Wolf was of the opinion that it would be better to use it as payment- rather than give it back to the federal government. He also remarked that the stimulus check payment would definitely help with the rise in inflation. 

Previously, the Governor of Pennsylvania had stated that the citizens of the state shouldn’t have to choose between paying for their groceries, childcare, gas, or utilities. They had the opportunity and also the means to make sure the state was not struggling- also to ensure their success through a stimulus check payment. He was simply asking the General Assembly to let go of their prejudice toward the other side and unite for the sake of all the citizens of the state. As it stands, when the General Assembly would succeed- the rest of the commonwealth would also succeed. 

The statement further continued that the stimulus check program would also be aimed at helping families that were still recovering from the economic strain of the pandemic. It would also support them by covering the costs of the pandemic.