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Friday, February 3, 2023

Stimulus Check: Jan 3 Is An Important Date

Even though the federal funds were long ago depleted, several states that joined the game later are still giving out Stimulus Checks.

A few states still have payments due in 2023 even though several programs are set to terminate in 2022. Many Americans are concerned about how they will pay for gas, groceries, heating, and other necessities this winter as inflation continues to soar, and expectations are high that Washington, D.C. would provide more financial assistance. Millions of people are waiting to see whether federal politicians would follow the large number of state governments that have already announced stimulus funding.

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There is an important date to be aware of: January 3, 2023, for those waiting for another Stimulus Check to appear in their bank accounts. For one simple reason, it is a significant day for anyone seeking more assistance at the federal level. A new Congress will be sworn in on that day. When that occurs, Republicans will take over control of the House of Representatives from Democrats.

With this Stimulus Check modification, the potential of receiving any additional direct financial assistance from the federal government will be eliminated. The most recent stimulus program, the American Rescue Plan Act, was universally opposed by Republicans, and right-leaning senators have made it clear they are not interested in providing another stimulus payment.

This will probably take place in the upcoming weeks before the power of Congress changes, as increasing the Child Tax Credit Stimulus Check has been a top priority for the Biden administration. This would imply that even if not all Americans do, parents and families do ultimately receive some additional assistance.

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Keep a watchful eye on what legislators are doing this month if you’re hoping for additional financial assistance because your best chance of receiving a payout is in the upcoming weeks.

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