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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Stimulus Check: Joe Manchin’s Take On Fundings

Stimulus Check is the need of the hour for Americans. A number of petitions have been launched to persuade the federal government. However, the government does not seem to be interested in any more funds. They have concentrated on finalizing the bipartisan bill. 

The government has also ordered the mandatory wearing of marks. This did not prevent a couple of petitions to attract significant eyeballs. One of the petitions was initiated online by a restaurant owner. Stephanie Bonin has now attained a tally of 3million signatures for the motion. The petition asks the government to provide a sum of $2000 every month. It also stated an immediate need for a stimulus check worth $1000 child care. 

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Joe Manchin has meanwhile done his part to prevent the bipartisan from happening. Let us find more details about their incident below. 

Stimulus Check: Joe Manchin Opposes Motion 

Joe Manchin is trying desperately to stop the government from passing the bipartisan bill. He did not want Biden’s policy to succeed. Manchin opposed the policies of Biden mentioned in the bill. The bill stated that the government would carry out social and environmental reforms. He echoed the voice of his party, where most members were against the reforms. 

Jen Psaki is the press secretary for the press. She stated that the government was very much eager to take things forward. Psaki said they would do everything at their disposal to make the bill happen. Manchin has taken a shot at Joe Biden previously as well. Manchin and Kristen have successfully made Biden cut down on the budget. The proposed budget of the bipartisan has been trimmed down to $2million. 

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Joe Manchin has also asked to limit certain stimulus checks. He has expressed the desire of providing the Child tax credit only to the needy. Joe also opposed several healthcare checks. 


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