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Stimulus Check: Latest On States Providing Money

Stimulus Check for the fourth round has seen a rise in demand. The current situation in the United States seems gloomy. The covid cases have witnessed an alarming increase in the past few days. The rate of people dying from the virus is also on the rise. A new mandate has been issued by the health ministry. The mandate asks all the citizens to wear a mask compulsorily. This scenario has instilled a sense of fear among the locals of America. 

The government has ordered the reopening of local businesses. However, most people are not very keen on joining offline work. Speculations of the Delta Strain are doing the rounds heavily. This means that there might be another shutdown. This fear has made the people question and ask the government to provide funds. 

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However, despite the effort put in by the residents, the federal government did not seem to be listening. They are not at all interested in providing any more funds. Luckily for the citizens, some states have announced stimulus checks for their residents. Let us learn more about the schemes below.  

Stimulus Check: List Of Checks From The States

California is one of the first states to have announced a stimulus check. Governor Gavin Newsom was the mastermind behind the Golden State Stimulus II. The program aims to provide relief to Californians. A person earning $70000 annually will be eligible for a sum of $600. Children will be paid $500. 

States like Georgia, Florida, California have announced a ” Thank You” check for the teachers. The checks are worth $1000 and will act as a token of respect. These will be provided to acknowledge the hard work of teachers amidst the pandemic. Apart from these states, New Mexico, Tennessee, Arizona, New York, Michigan have all announced Stimulus Checks.

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