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Stimulus Check Latest Updates

Stimulus Check has been one of the hot topics in America at the moment. These checks were funded by the federal government in the wake of the pandemic. A large number of people lost their jobs during the implemented shutdown. The economy of the country took a massive blow. 

Such circumstances paved the way for stimulus checks. These were monetary assistance provided by the administration of Joe Biden. However, the covid crisis is far from over. Measures have been taken by the government to ensure the restoration of normalcy. The shutdown has been withdrawn and local businesses are allowed to operate. The vaccination program has been stressed upon a lot. 

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The Delta threat is still sending chills down the American spine. The uncertainty caused has made the citizens agitated. They are looking up to the government once again for monetary support. Some of the states have announced stimulus checks that will surely boost the morale of the citizens.

Let us know more about the recent developments below. 

Stimulus Check: Payments & Petitions

The people are desperately looking for an alternative. They have continuously called for the fourth round of checks. Letters and petitions have been forwarded to the government. Out of them, one particular petition went viral. The petition was initiated by an entrepreneur in Colorado. She proposed monthly payments of $2000. The bill stated that the payments must continue till the end of the pandemic. It gathered a huge number of signatures and can be found at Change.Org. 

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A Stimulus Check has been announced for the teachers. Some of the states have decided to pay respect to the teachers for their exceptional service. California, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, Florida & Georgia will provide $1000 to their teachers. Education workers of Michigan will be entitled to $500 each. 

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