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Stimulus Check 2022- Did A Stimulus Payment Actually Lead To Labor Shortage

Shortly after the new President was elected in the United States, a website was created that claimed that your average family of four will be receiving a stimulus check payment of around $109,000.

Actually, this site was created to rile up the American troops, and also to make the Americans angry enough that they would stop supporting the political candidates. To put it simply, this stimulus check website had absolutely nothing to do with reality. The Internet is definitely filled with such sites- and unless you are a reader that is especially careful, it could get quite easy to fall into these traps.

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You might end up believing the outrageous headlines and the soundbites that come from those politicians who have an agenda to push. For example, last month saw Republican Senator Mitch McConnell state that the current shortage in labor was due to the stimulus money that was issued during both of the presidencies. 

Stimulus Check Funds Lead To Labor Shortage?

According to the Republican Senator, there were a whole lot of people who were sitting on the sidelines because they were currently flush. He further believes that once the stimulus funds would end up drying, they would start concluding that it was better to work than not to work. Now, it is quite easy for someone to believe this statement, if they see it repeated constantly over different sources of information. Luckily for McConnell, certain right-wing publications and news channels were quite happy to keep repeating his comments. This further led to the phantom belief that it was the stimulus payments that led to the current shortage in labor.

While it is clear that Mitch has no clue what he is talking about regarding stimulus check payments, he does raise a valid point. What has, therefore, led to the increase in labor shortage? One of the main reasons would be the availability of more jobs than available workers. While there are 11 million job openings, there are only 6 million unemployed workers. 

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