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Saturday, September 30, 2023

2 Stimulus Check-Like Payments Worth About $850 Can Arrive At Your Doorstep

Throughout the entire nation, quite a few states have begun issuing tax rebates. At the same time, other states have started programs like stimulus checks of their own or similar relief measures. The primary goal of these programs is to help every American survive the increasing inflation. The latest polls show that the inflation rate is currently at 8.3%.

Stimulus Checks And Other Payments For The Coming Week

In Maine, one round of stimulus checks has already been issued and sent to about 5,000 residents. This week, an additional rebate payment is being issued by the Maine State government to approximately 200,000 tax filers. Individuals would get about $850 while families can receive an average of $1700. However, the income of the individual must not be more than $100,000. For heads of households, the income limit is $150,000.

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The rebates will be calculated as per the tax returns of 2021. They must have also been filed before October 31st. Furthermore, any other tax returns cannot claim an individual as their dependent if they wish to receive the tax rebate.

Massachusetts is planning a stimulus check reward program for the emergency workers who worked while risking their lives during the pandemic. The stimulus checks will be worth $500 and they will go out to pandemic workers in all industries this month.

This will be Massachusetts’ second round of stimulus checks that fall under the Essential Employee Payment Pay program. The first group had been issued in March. According to The Sun and the State’s Revenue Department, the upcoming round is scheduled to go out throughout this week. They expect the process to continue till the end of the month.

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The eligibility criteria for this stimulus check are that an individual’s gross annual income must not be less than $13,500 and that they are tax filers.

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