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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Stimulus Check Luck For Parents

Stimulus Check has been demanded and petitioned by the whole of America. They have been in the news for more than a year now. 

As soon as the IRS sent out the third checks, concerns for a fourth-round started gaining mass. The citizens expressed concerns over a possible shutdown. America is suffering from a covid scare recently. 

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A new variant of the virus(Omicron) is treating another wave of economical and social distress. These circumstances have raised questions in the minds of many. 

Citizens have requested the government to aid them if another shutdown is to happen. Some of the households are still recovering from the adversities. 

Thousands of people have lost their jobs. These people have been rooting for the fourth round of stimulus checks to the federal government. 

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After the third check, there is no news of any further payments being sanctioned. This has left a large chunk of the citizens concerned. In an online petition, over a 3million citizens signed in favor of added financial boosts. 

They requested the American government, led by Joe Biden to provide them with more funds. Despite federal reluctance, parents might be the luckiest group at the moment. 

A family having children within eighteen years of age can receive up to $5000 of money. 

Stimulus Check: Who Will Get The Money? 

The federal government allotted the Child Tax Credit money for children up to eighteen years of age. These payments were aimed at relieving the burden from the families. 

It was also supposed to look after the welfare and expenses of the children. The allocated money for kids under seven years of age was $300 per month. 

Children within eighteen years were to receive a sum of $250 per month. In addition to the Child Tax Credit money, the government also announced a bonus stimulus check of $1400. 

These checks were catered to the newborns in 2021. Thus, families that gave birth to babies in 2021 will be receiving the $1400 as well the usual Child Tax Credit money. 

This would add up to almost $5000 worth of stimulus checks. 

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