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Stimulus Check Update: Maine Could Be Handing Out $850

It has been reported that close to 800,000 residents of Maine could be receiving a stimulus check payment of around $850 by June.

Janet Mills, the Democratic Governor of the state recently signed up for a $1.2 billion supplemental budget straight into law on the 20th of April, which also brought in provisions for direct stimulus payments to the residents of the state. The legislation, which soon gained major bipartisan support in the state legislature, was also designed to help the residents of the state manage the increasing cost of fuel, food, and consumer goods.

Maine Could Be Offering Stimulus Check Payment

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On the 22nd of April, the governor’s office did manage to launch a new Relief Checks website that was designed specifically to help people answer questions about their upcoming stimulus check payments. The new online portal would be answering the most common questions about the stimulus payments in the state, after which they would also be explaining the purpose of the payments- while helping residents determine if they would be considered eligible to claim that money.

The new website read that despite the Governor not being able to control the impact of the pandemic on global markets, she would be making sure that the government delivers resources to the people of Maine- something that they need to deal with the high costs of products. 

The stimulus check website has also offered resources for those people who need help with filing their taxes, along with advice on what other relief was available, and how they would be making sure that the residents did receive the check of $850 as quickly as humanly possible. Also, the site would be providing information on who to contact if they had any additional questions. 

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In order to be eligible for the check payment, the new website has developed information on both individual filers and married couples. 

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