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Monday, May 23, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: Still Missing Out On Your $1,400 Payment?

Even though the IRS has already put out new updates, there are millions of citizens who haven’t received their stimulus check payments yet. There are still several individuals who are waiting to get their hands on the payment of $1,400 which has been a major part of the American Rescue Plan- a $1.9 trillion creation of President Joe Biden.

The current reports suggest that almost 170 million checks- which have a total worth of $400 billion- have already been sent to those Americans who have been deemed eligible since the stimulus bill was passed in spring. In that percentage, there are around 5- 10% who haven’t yet received their payments- despite being eligible. 

Options Available To Secure Their Stimulus Check

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Instead of getting disappointed at this delay, one should take note that there are still some options that are available to those who have been demoted to the sidelines for the third stimulus check payment. This is your time to finally call the IRS Economic Impact Payment phone number- which is 800-919-9835 and talk to a live human being.

While some of you will definitely be kept on hold for quite a long period of time, for some individuals this would be a godsend. You should also be aware that the IRS is going through several other responsibilities at the same time, which doesn’t even factor into question the thirty-five million tax returns that it is currently going through. 

Another option present to avail one’s stimulus check is through filing taxes. It has been reported that individuals who have filed their taxes recently have seen their money in their bank accounts just a few weeks later. It has been months since the IRS asked all Americans to file for an extension and complete their returns if they haven’t already done so. 

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The IRS has stated that while payments are usually automatic for a host of people, the IRS has continued to urge people who don’t usually file taxes to file for a tax that will allow them to get all the benefits- which also include stimulus check payments. 

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