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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Stimulus Check Money Coming Up

Stimulus checks were sent to some people who weren’t eligible for stimulus payments because their income was too high. The agency said that it’s looking into why these late payments were issued and how many more such cases are out there.

A lot of people are getting surprised with stimulus payments these days, and it’s not hard to see why. Over the past several weeks, thousands of taxpayers have received a surprise check in their mailboxes — usually after they filed their tax returns but didn’t receive the full amount of their stimulus payment because they owed income taxes on that money.

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These “plus-up” stimulus checks make up the difference between what these taxpayers were entitled to and what they actually received. That means some folks will get quite a bit more than they were expecting. In most cases, these are people who were entitled to a greater stimulus payment than they initially received but didn’t qualify for the payment because their income was too high.

If you received a smaller check than expected and want to make sure your case is valid, contact the federal government at 1-800-827-3637 (1-800) 827 – 3668 or go to www.irs.gov/individuals/socialsecurity/

Stimulus Checks Available For Eligible Citizens

If you’re eligible for a plus-up payment, it will likely arrive by mail — with an explanation for why it’s coming and why it’s different from your previous stimulus check amounts.

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It will also explain that the check is only part of your total “stimulus” payment amount and that there are other payments coming (like tax refunds) as well. And if your check doesn’t arrive immediately after applying for one (or if you don’t receive it at all), don’t worry. A few weeks later, expect to receive another letter explaining how much money is left over from the original check amount. You will also be informed about what must be done with this extra cash before being sent back to Treasury Department officials who oversee Recovery Act spending programs like unemployment insurance or Medicaid expansions across states nationwide. 

Keep in mind that these stimulus checks typically take longer than expected due to processing delays caused by high demand among claimants who weren’t previously aware they were eligible due solely because no one told them before now. However, some people may still get lucky even after waiting weeks without receiving anything at all since some states’ deadlines have already passed while others’ still haven’t officially started yet.”

Remember, these payments are just a bonus — they’re not required. But if you’re eligible for one and haven’t received it yet, it might be worthwhile to let the IRS know about this discrepancy.

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