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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Stimulus Check: Abundant Money From The States

Stimulus Check has been demanded for a long time now. It has been almost three months since the citizens are requesting a fourth. The increasing cases of covid have instilled a fear among the Americans. They are still fresh from the ill effects of the previously imposed shutdown. The country came to a standstill. The economy took a huge hit as businesses were closed. 

A large number of people lost their jobs and many others were underpaid. The government has ordered the re-opening of businesses but that did not solve everything. The rate of unemployment is still much higher than it was before the pandemic. Many families are finding it extremely difficult to meet their daily needs. 

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The federal government has shown no interest in providing more money. However, some of the states have announced a fourth stimulus check for their residents. Let us learn more about such checks below. 

Stimulus Check Joy From The States

Despite the federal government’s reluctance, most of the states have announced stimulus checks for their residents. California is providing one of the biggest tax rebates in American history. They have announced a sum of $600 to everyone earning below $75000 annually. Families having children up to 17years of age will receive an extra $500 as child support. 

Apart from the Golden State Stimulus Check, California also announced “Thank You” checks. These checks are a way of paying respect to the teachers. The teachers have worked very hard amidst the pandemic to provide for the education of the children. The $1000 checks are given to them as a token of appreciation for their selfless act.

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Georgia, Colorado, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan & Texas have all announced Thank You Checks. Stimulus Check money from Child Tax Credit is also due to the eligible citizens till December 2021. 

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