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Stimulus Check: Still A Lot Of Money Available

Stimulus Checks are the talk of the town in the US. They have provided much-needed stability to struggling families. In dire times, these checks have been the go-to resource for most Americans. This decision was welcomed broadly with open arms. Most Americans have utilized the checks to pay off their debts. Households took a great hit when the shutdown was imposed for the first time. 

Thousands of people lost their jobs. The three checks provided by the federal government aided them to a great extent. However, after the third check was issued, the government did not announce any further checks. This was a big concern for all the people of America. They believed that the crisis was not yet over. As a result, more and more requests for further fundings increased. 

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Although there is no news of a fourth stimulus check, money is still available in plenty. Let us discuss all the possible sources in detail below. 

Stimulus Check: Funds You Need To Be Aware Of

Despite vigorous requests, the federal government does not seem interested in a fourth check. But money is still available for you in plenty. The Child Credit Tax money has been on the rollout. Families having dependent children will receive the amount every month. In order to qualify, a family needs to earn less than $150,000 annually. Children between 6-17 years of age are eligible for the money. $300 will be given to children under six years. Kids from 7-17 years will get $250.

California has rolled out the Golden State Stimulus II. Most of the residents have qualified for the payment. It will provide $600 to people earning less than $75000 annually. Children will be given an additional $500. 

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Stimulus Check for the unemployed citizen could also be available. The benefits for unemployed citizens expire on 6th September. However, assessing the current scenario, the benefits could be further extended.

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