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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Stimulus Check: Monthly $1200 Checks Proposed

Stimulus Check for the fourth round has been vehemently demanded. The IRS sent the third installment of the checks last week. The citizens felt the need to receive more money from the government. The money provided was predominantly used up for paying off debts. With the covid situation worsening, more and more petitions are being filed. A recent petition was filed by the lawmakers. It demanded a monthly payment of $1200 to provide financial relief.

Stimulus Check Petitions Continues To Surface

The administration of Joe Biden was not interested in providing further funding. However, the covid scenario is becoming worse each day. The threat of yet another shutdown cannot be written off. In such circumstances, people are pushing for more monetary assistance. 

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The latest development took place recently. Ilhan Omar is a Democratic representative of Minnesota. He has demanded financial assistance for all the struggling households of America. He wanted the government provisions under the SUPPORT Act and GPI Act. He requested the administration to send $1200. These payments shall be provided to all financially unstable households. The petition demanded a sum of $1200 for adults and $600 for the kids. 

Omar stated that poverty should not be a choice. She accused the administration of prioritizing economic growth. She said this was done without caring for the homeless. Omar continued that there should be no room for inequality. The first and foremost priority should be to endure the basic necessities for the people. The government needed to take good care of every individual’s food, shelter & healthcare needs. 

The recent bill has some eligibility criteria. Individuals earning under $75000 per year will receive the stimulus check. While couples earning below $150000 annually will be qualified. Stimulus Check for the fourth round has been pushed earlier as well. It seems all hopes for a fourth check are not lost yet. 

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