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Stimulus Check Bill Worth $1200 Speculated

Stimulus Check has been the talk of the town. Ever since the onset of the pandemic, the checks were in discussion. The administration of Joe Biden designed the America Rescue Plan in March. This plan provided monetary assistance to all the people. The financial help provided lessened the stress and people focused more on productivity. They did not have to worry about financial matters. However, the government has shown no interest to continue with the checks further. This led to mass petitions being launched. One such petition claims for a monthly aid of $1200 for the Americans. More details have been discussed below.

Stimulus Check Bill Pushed By Ilhan Omar

The rising demands for the fourth Stimulus Check get a new addition. The current scenario has witnessed the Americans call for more monetary respite. Petitions and letters have been distributed in large numbers. 

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Ilhan Omar just ignited another spark in favor of further payments. Omar is a representative of the Democratic Congress. She has proposed a bill to the federal government. The proposed bill asks the government to provide a sum of $1200 per month. This amount should be irrespective of any clauses. 

The bill will cater to all Americans earning below $75,000 per year. In the case of couples, the qualification amount will be less than $150,000 annually. The proposal will also have a stipulated fund of $600 per child. The children must be within 17years of age. The amount of assistance will be curtailed by a $5 per $100 increase in income. Individuals making $100,000 in a year will not be entitled to any such assistance. 

The proposed Stimulus Checks will be provided to everyone who is a resident. However, many states have cut down the unemployment payments. The federal government is reluctant to further funding. This puts a question mark on the execution of the mentioned proposal. 

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