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Stimulus Check Update: New Golden State Check In California In November?

Two rounds of a stimulus check have been sent in 2021 with weekly payments done till Christmas but the possibility of a new round is quite low.

California has started its very own stimulus check and is now on its second edition. Residents can get this $600 payment if they make less than $75k in a year. 

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The governor signed a law, in February, that allowed for the sending of a $600 stimulus check to low-income individuals and non-citizens who were unable to receive federal stimulus checks. This is much greater than the $30,000 eligibility limit for the first round of checks. You must also be a tax resident in California for more than half of the 2020 tax year.

More than 9 million Americans have qualified for the second stimulus check and Gov. Newsom had hailed that as the biggest state tax rebate in American history.

Stimulus Check: What Do The Eligible People Receive?

Qualifying residents will typically receive an extra $600 or $500 depending on income and how many dependents they claim. Residents who claim at least one dependent will receive an additional $500, meaning they will receive a total of $1,100. Only 650,000 could receive the first check, but they are not eligible to receive the second. Those who received the first can only access the second if they noted their dependents on their tax return. They can receive $500 per dependent, up to a maximum of $1,000.

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6th of October was the date when these mail checks were sent to the people with the first ones arriving based on their zip codes in California. This is expected to continue till the end of 2021. People can expect a 2-week wait for the stimulus check to arrive in their post-boxes.

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