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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stimulus Check: New Update Will See $1000 Checks

In quite an interesting twist to the entire fourth stimulus check saga, the Cherokee tribe has come out on top. The second-largest tribe in North America has already gone ahead and approved a special stimulus payment for the native citizens. This comes at the same time most legislators are debating the possibility of yet another stimulus payment. The Cherokee nation has already pledged that the citizens would be receiving close to a couple of $1,000 over a period of 2 years. 

Stimulus Check Upgrades After The First Half of the Year

This funding of the stimulus check mainly comes from the American Rescue Plan of Joe Biden. This legislation has given most of the states the absolute freedom to spend the stipulated amount any way they want. The State of California has backed this by providing extra stimulus support to the citizens living in the state. The Golden State Stimulus II has already been proposed by the current Governor of the state. 

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Several lawmakers from California have gone ahead and approved a plan worth $5.2 billion in order to completely pay off every unpaid rent that has been kept for lower-income residents. This has been sidelined with a $500 payment for the illegal immigrants that live in the state. The extra stimulus check comes as most of the families that have kids below the age of 13 would definitely receive a stimulus payment going up to $8,000 in tax credit and childcare expenses. 

The new upgrades that have come upon the Child and Dependent Care Credit for the current year imply that most of the working families of the country who have touched certain requirements would be able to get thousands of dollars as extra stimulus check funds. 

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