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Stimulus Check News: How To Track Your Newest Checks And More

Stimulus Checks has been rolled out recently. The third set of benefits has reached many citizens. This provided financial stability which was much needed. Joe Biden provided hefty funding for the Americans in pandemic times. The amount he allocated was nearly $2 million. Here is a gist of the government-aided fundings and what to expect in the coming days. 

Stimulus Check Helped American Economy To Bounce Back, Says Biden

The money for the checks has been rolled out and has already reached the citizens. The President expressed his thankfulness towards these fundings on Tuesday. He stated that these checks helped to bolster the American economy in tough times. The program was termed the “American Rescue Plan“. This was first passed on 11th March. 

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These fundings also included credit on taxes for children. The benefits summed up to $3600. This is being split into two parts. The first half will be received this year and the other half the next year. There are certain eligibility criteria for receiving the benefits. Families earning less than $150,000 annually are qualified. A single person earning less than $75000 will also be benefitted from the credit. Children below 6years are entitled to $3600 & those between 6-17 will receive $3000 as credits. 

The stimulus checks are supposed to be rolled out in two parts. The first half of the checks have already been received by many. The citizens received the benefits either by direct transfer or physically. IRS announced the roll-out dates for future checks. 13th August, 15th September, 15th October, 15th November & 15th December has been listed as tentative dates. 

President Biden expressed his desire to continue the enriched credit for  4 years. However, Democrats want this to be a permanent enhancement. Stimulus Check availability can be found at the IRS site. Citizens can find out their eligibility and other whereabouts about the funds.

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