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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Stimulus Check Number Four Is Off The Cards As American Economy Shows Signs Of Improvement

Stimulus Check anticipations for a fourth time should be put to rest now. As the recent development suggests, the possibility of a new stimulus is unlikely. The government has stated that it has noticed a significant improvement in the economy.  This is the main catalyst towards the government’s reluctance on financial aid. 

Stimulus Check Might Not Be Considered By The Government As US Economy Fights Back

It has been almost a month since the last Stimulus payments were rolled out. With increasing covid rates, the citizen’s concern for added on aids increased. They wanted more funding from the government. IRS is yet to process the backlogs for eligible families. 

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However, keeping the broader picture in mind, there might not be a need for added funding. For the past few weeks, the percentage of unemployed citizens has declined drastically. The overall unemployed citizens tallied at 360,000 weekly. This number is a significant decrease from what it was at the beginning of the year. 

The benefits announced for the unemployed saw a noticeable drop in claims. Almost half of the people are claiming the benefits compared to what it was just a few weeks prior.  Demands among consumers have also seen a spike. The demands have risen to such an extent that it resulted in a price hike. Demands recorded were more than what was supplied. Thus, the goods saw a significant price rise. All the observations culminate in one conclusion. American Economy is fighting back and thus the need for another Stimulus Check might not be justified. However, the citizens still need to keep an eye out for the situation and hope for the best.  

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