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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: Will Non-Filer Have More Checks?

The US Government has attempted to help its population recover from the pandemic by sending some stimulus checks on their way.

A stimulus check is a check sent to a taxpayer by the US government, and its intention is intended to stimulate the economy by providing taxpayers with some money to spend in stores and restaurants.

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With many having lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic, consumerism has dropped in the United States, with a lot of people no longer being able to spend money on things other than essentials.

This will be countered by the issued stimulus checks.

What Are Non-Filers And How Can They Claim Their Stimulus Checks?

In American terminology, a Non-Filer is an individual who isn’t expected to file a tax return or be claimed as a tax dependent.

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Non-filers can also be people who do intend to file taxes but fail to do so by a certain date, whether that be by design or complete accident.

The best way for an individual to claim their stimulus checks is to submit their information through the IRS ‘Non-Filers Enter Payment Information’ portal online. 

From there, a person will be able to choose just how they will receive their stimulus payments.

The fastest way is through direct deposit, either to a bank or credit union account or to an eligible prepaid card.

Most people will receive their stimulus checks automatically, but the non-filers will need to take the aforementioned action in order to receive the money that they are owed by the government.

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