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Stimulus Check For October Announced

Stimulus Check has been demanded heavily over the past few weeks. The program was initiated by the President of the US, Joe Biden. The pandemic caused a complete shutdown all over the world. The USA was no exception. In fact, America was one of the most affected countries in the world. 

People lost their jobs and struggled to find a living. The administration thus provided the families with Stimulus Checks. These checks were distributed as direct deposits. The citizens also had the option to claim the payments by paper checks. The money received by the households was of great help. They paid off their mounting debts. 

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However, this money was not adequate to see off the families in the long run. This is one of the main reasons citizens have appealed for more money. However, many states have assured their residents by announcing stimulus checks. Let us find more about them below. 

Stimulus Checks To Be Delivered On 5th October

One of the first states to announce stimulus payments was California. Gavin Newsom is the Governor of the state. He announced a package termed the Golden State Stimulus II. This package was one of the deciding factors that led to the win of Newsom in the California recall. The payments were aimed to provide financial relief and security to the people. 

The stimulus will provide a sum of $600 to all eligible residents. Anyone earning below $75000 will be provided with the money. Families having children below the age of seventeen years will receive extra money. Children will be provided with an amount of $500. 

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The stimulus check amount will be dispatched soon. Earlier, the Golden State money has benefitted a large amount of Californians. The second round of the payments is expected to be completed on the 5th of October. 

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