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Stimulus Check Of $1400 Might Not Reach Recipients Anytime Soon

A group of non-partisan advocates known as the Senior Citizens League (TSCL) had steamrolled a campaign during the month of October in the year 2021. Their campaign was intended to put some pressure and push the Congress in order to get an additional stimulus check. The TSCL has been demanding stimulus money from Social Security along with supplementary money. 

Since the time this campaign started in October, there has been inflation that has increased by over two percent. This huge increase easily makes the cost of survival historically more than ever has been. However, there are bleak chances of receiving stimulus checks by the recipients as of yet. 

TSCL Demanding Stimulus Check 

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The TSCL had written a letter to Congress asking them to give additional stimulus checks worth $1400 for Social Security. This was reported earlier by GOBankingRates. 

The letter stated that the TSCL has recently come to know that thousands of senior citizens of the US have already exhausted their savings post-retirement. This led to them getting only a single meal every day as well as cutting down their medication by half. These drastic steps had to be taken by them due to inflation. 

Social Security Payments

The Medicare Policy and Social Security analyst of TSCL, Mary Johnson, recently informed that this is merely the beginning of a legislative year. There is an upcoming election so there is still hope for a stimulus check during the fall. 

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Nonetheless, another stimulus check still might not be enough for these retired citizens. GOBankingRates had also mentioned that the social security amount must be increased by $540 every month to be able to support the seniors. 

Johnson earlier said seniors need more buying power and should be at par with the immense inflation that they are experiencing.

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