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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Stimulus Check Of 1400 USD Dispatched!

The stimulus checks amounting to 1400 USD are to hit the bank accounts of the citizens as soon as possible. This is a part of the 1.9 trillion USD package that was introduced in the month of March. As per the announcement of the Fiscal Service bureau as well as the IRS, the money has already been dispatched by the authorities. It was stated that the total number of checks that were given was 2.2 million. The announcement was made this Wednesday.

Stimulus Check Details

The 2.2 million payments are a healthy number. However, it is still a decrease as compared to others. If all the stimulus checks are calculated then the total number of payments will be 171 million. About 2.3 million checks were already sent by the concerned agency earlier. It was done within a span of two weeks. The first batch of economic relief aid was given from the 12th of March. And since that time, the total amount of the payments distributed throughout are 400 billion USD. 

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A part of the 2.2 million stimulus checks was distributed among those citizens whose current contact was not accessible to the department of IRS. and the remaining half of the money includes the supplemental payments provided to those who filed their taxes in the year 2020.

If all the supplemental payments are calculated then the department of IRS has provided over 9 million of those just this year. And the amount of the payments is about 18.5 billion USD. If there are people who are still waiting for their shares of the stimulus checks then they can get on a call with the concerned department. And in order to track the money online, users can go to the IRS portal and do the needful.

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