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Friday, December 3, 2021

Stimulus Check: 2.2 Million Additional Payments Generated!

The government has issued another batch of stimulus checks to the people. The total amount of this additional payment is said to be 4 billion USD. As per reports, about 2.2 million checks have been dispatched. This took place this Wednesday. After calculating the recent payments, the total payments made under President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan crosses over 171 million. The financial aid was first provided in the month of March. And the total value of all the payments combined is 400 billion USD.

Stimulus Check: Who Will Receive?

As per the information disclosed by the department of IRS, an estimation of 1.3 million payments was directed to those citizens who were accessible to the IRS due to the lack of information but managed to file for taxes eventually. The total amount of the dispatched stimulus checks was about 2.6 billion USD. Some supplemental payments were provided to those citizens who received their money on the basis of the returns that they failed in the year 2019.

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However, they still qualify for the new payments on the basis of their tax returns from last year. Over 900,000 supplemental stimulus checks have been provided in the last few weeks. And the total value of that was 1.6 billion USD. The payment that the IRS has made has surpassed 9 million, the value of which is 18.5 billion USD.

As per the statement given by the IRS, the payments will be continuously disbursed every week. The ongoing stimulus checks will be for those individuals concerning whom the IRS was not notified to give any payments, however, they filed for the tax return recently. The same will also be provided to those people who are eligible for plus-up payments. Either that or the supplemental payments.

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