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Monday, May 23, 2022

Stimulus Check Round 4: $2000 Check Rumored

Stimulus Check war seems to get intense with every passing day. The government has provided a total of three sets of Stimulus Check to the people. However, those checks have been used up by most of the citizens. A survey stated that the money was predominantly used to pay off essential expenditures. People used the money to pay their rental bills and debts. The covid scenario in the US does not seem too bright. America has witnessed an alarming spike in the covid cases in recent weeks. This has made the people demand the money even more. The sad news is that the federal government is not at all keen on this matter. A petition has been launched and it has gained great exposure. Another bill proposes a $2000 monthly payment plan. It aims to provide the financial stability that Americans are craving. Let us learn more about the proposal in detail below. 

Stimulus Check Petition Makes A Strong Case

After the rollout of the third Stimulus Check, the possibilities of another one are bleak. This led the people to demand vociferously more assistance. A couple of petitions were launched favoring the payments. One such petition has gained significant popularity. It has created a huge buzz across the country. 

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The petition in question was structured by a Colorado food entrepreneur. Stephanie Bonin’s petition can be viewed at the website of Change.Org. A large number of people have signed the petition. The petition has already broken many records with over 2.7 signs. It is aiming for the top spot targeting a 3m reach. 

The Americans also supported a separate petition which asks the government for monthly payments. The bill proposes a $2000 stimulus check every month. All these petitions have mounted pressure on the government. It remains to be seen what decision the government takes. 

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