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Availability Of The Stimulus Check Payments

Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner from the state of Colorado, was the one who introduced the online petition concerning the stimulus check financial aid payments. She did this with the help of her husband. The name of the online petition “change.org.” As for now, the total number of Americans who have given their approval for the petition is 2.8 m. On the success of her petition, she stated that the main reason for the demand for the recurring stimulus check was the uncertain economy. And it was this uncertainty that was letting people live a fearful life.

Stimulus Check Possibilities

According to the demands placed in the petition, a total of 2000 USD is to be provided to those adults who are eligible. And when it comes to the families, the eligible ones are to receive a total of 1000 USD stimulus check federal aid payments, and for those payments for one child, and for those households having two children and two eligible, 6000 USD is demanded every month. 

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When it comes to reality, it is very unlikely for the US Congress to provide the money to the citizens. Although there are some who are trying hard enough to provide the stimulus check financial aid payments, there is no hope. And the biggest reason for this is the political division that lies in both the US Senate and the House of Representatives.

While the politicians from the Democratic Party are trying hard to make it possible, they are faced with strong opposition from the politicians belonging to the Republican Party. It is to be noted that not one Republican Senate and House representative voted in favor of the American Rescue Plan that was introduced in the month of March. So until now, the chance for another stimulus check is very low.

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