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Stimulus Check: Three-Year Payment For Citizens?

Stimulus Check has been constantly demanded over the past few months. The citizens have been fearful of yet another shutdown due to repeated covid scare. After the initial wave of the pandemic subsided, the citizens heaved a sigh of relief. They believed the dark days were over. 

The government slowly ordered the opening of shops and businesses. Life seemed to return to normalcy. However, this was not how the future days would pan out to be. The pandemic seemed to be striking back at America once again. A new strain(Delta) of the deadly coronavirus has left the country fearful. Recent tallies have shown the covid cases rising significantly. The wearing of masks has also been made mandatory once again.

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Such circumstances have made the citizens worry about their future. Another shutdown would mean another spurt of unemployment. However, repeated stimulus check appeals from the citizens have been turned down. Some residents though can get payments for up to three years. Let us explore the scope in detail below. 

Stimulus Check For Ann Arbor 

The reluctance of the federal government has driven many states towards financial relief. Most States have announced. States like California, Texas, Florida have already announced financial checks. The small city of Ann Arbor also has some good news for its residents. 

The government was in a dilemma about how to structure the $24m fund. This fund was derived from the federal American Rescue Plan. The Michigan government analyzed all possibilities and came out with a probable answer. They have decided to provide one hundred families with additional stimulus checks. These families would be entitled to a sum of $500 per month. As per the latest reports, the stimulus check would continue for three years for these families.  

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