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Stimulus Check Upcoming Payments List

Stimulus Check provided a great source of relief for the common people of the US. The government tried to cover the expenses. This was done to provide relief to the common people. The payments also seemed to have stabilized the economy to a certain extent. However, after the third Stimulus Check was sent out, the IRS stated that there will be no more checks. This left the people very much worried. All of them petitioned for further fundings from the government. Below is detailed information about the upcoming monetary assistance. 

Stimulus Check: What is Confirmed? 

The covid cases are witnessing an alarming rise in the country. Infection rates have skyrocketed over the last few weeks. The Delta strain is speculated to bring another wave of the covid surge. The situation has grown so intense, that indoor masking has been advised.

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This situation has resulted in the people demanding more funds from the government. They have signed a petition and created a website. The website Change.Org caters to the grievances of the common mass. The site has till now over 2.5m signatures. This is all set to become the most signed petition in history. A $2000 monthly stimulus check has been mentioned in the petition. However, the government does not seem interested in the same. 

California has come up their relief measures. Gavin Newsom has designed a $600 monetary assistance. This money will be provided to all the residents of California. One needs to earn between $30000-75000 to avail the checks. This payment is limited only to the inmates of California. 

Several states like Georgia, California, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee & Florida came up with Thank you checks. These checks will provide for a $1000 payment to all the teachers of the state. This was given as a token of respect for the hard work that the teachers put in. Some States also had provisions for part-time teachers and other educational workers. 

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