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Stimulus Checks; State-wise Amount

A total of three rounds of the stimulus check financial aid payments have been provided to those residents of the United States of America who were eligible to receive it. Among those, the ones that were provided most recently was the 1400 USD payment. This payment was provided under the American Rescue Plan that was approved in the month of March. As for now, the US Congress is caught up debating the infrastructure bill, the amount of which is 3.5 trillion USD.

States’ Stimulus Checks

There are certain states in the country that are providing the stimulus check financial aid payments to the people in the absence of the federal financial aid payments. In the state of California, the eligible people might be receiving a total amount of 1,100 USD, like direct deposits. The next batch of the payment will be made on the 6th of October.

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In the state of Maryland, the amount of the stimulus check financial aid payment is 500 USD. The other state providing the money to the people in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is Michigan. The teaching staff of Detroit received a total of 200 USD. And there is a possibility for them to receive more than 2000 USD. that is in case they are willing to take up more jobs. 

In Vermont, the state government is making efforts to attract more people. In case one moves there, they will be provided with a total of 7,500 USD as moving expenses. The state of New Mexico is providing stimulus check financial aid payments to its residents. They are using up their own funds in doing so. The total amount of their fund is 5 million USD. The amount provided to the people might be 750 USD.   

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