Stimulus Check Update: Fourth Payment Could Be In The Works For Texan Families

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Several advocates and legislatures have been stating that the American Rescue Plan has failed utterly in rescuing families despite the stimulus check. These families have been struggling since the pandemic began, which has begotten multiple propositions for a recurring and fourth stimulus plan to be established.

In Central Texas, Jeremy Fay- a local realtor- has stated that even after two years into the pandemic, most of the families that he has helped secure a home have been barely able to stay afloat despite the stimulus pay. Now, with no payments coming in from the government- they could be in deep trouble. 

Texan Families Need A Stimulus Check

Fay further mentioned that it was without a shred of doubt that most of the families were barely able to stay afloat in these troubling times. As it stood, most of the families were VA and FHA buyers, and hence quite local. There were also military service members who would be qualifying for housing schemes with a little help from the realtor. With the steady increase in the price of housing, it was quite necessary for another stimulus check payment to be in place- or most people would be rendered homeless. 

Legislators have stated that the major proposal for a recurring $2,000 stimulus check payment every single month would definitely last until the pandemic was over. However, Professor Rob Tennant from the Texas A&M Central Texas Economics, stated that while a fourth payment was certainly feasible, recurring payments weren’t. He mentioned that the legislators would have a lot more money to work with- something that would definitely drive the rate of inflation higher and harder- whilst causing more shortages at the same time. 

Rob Tennant went on to add that the Biden administration’s focus on infrastructure spending was already a major spark for economic growth- with the massive investments in projects a sure way of getting people employed yet again. It remains to be seen if another stimulus check payment would be necessary after all.