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Friday, August 12, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: Payments Upto $1,358 To Be Sent To Americans

Due to an adjustment in the cost of living, millions of American citizens would now be receiving a stimulus check payment of $1,358. This was recently published in an article in The US Sun, where it also states that the Social Security benefits would be paid in a completely different manner. The Social Security Disability Insurance is also subject to the 5.9% COLA hike. For the handicapped worker, the compensation will see an increase from $1,282 to $1,358 a month- which is an increase of $76. 

Stimulus check of $1,358 to be paid to workers

The goal of the program for Social Security Disability Insurance is majorly to help those with impairments and who are no longer capable of working at the same level as they were previously. This implies that the stimulus check payment would be used to cover a major part of the wage of the worker. The monthly SSI benefit for individuals currently stands at $841, while the monthly SSI benefit for couples stands at $1,261. 

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The Social Security Administration has advised the citizens that if they didn’t get the notice, they would still be able to check the information out by logging into their account online. The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index is being used to calculate the CPI- which would then be used to determine the stimulus check payment that they are eligible for.

As it stands, the final stimulus check payments of $650 were paid to most of the eligible families on the 11th of January. In late December, close to 180,000 payments- which had a total of $127 million were then seemingly mailed out in California as part of the state’s pandemic stimulus program.

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