Stimulus Check News: Payments From States For The Month

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check seems to be the need of the hour for Americans. America is suffering from a number of problems recently. The recent weeks have recorded an alarming spike in the covid rate. Thousands of people have started contracting the disease once again. The rate of deaths is also on the rise. 

A number of mandates have been issued by the ministry of health. They have asked the citizens to follow physical distancing. Wearing of Masks has also been made compulsory. All other covid related protocols have been instructed to be followed strictly. Another big issue at the moment is the lack of jobs. 

The country is dealing with acute unemployment turmoil. Most of the citizens are without a job. The financial conditions of most households are gloomy. Families are having trouble arranging the necessities in life. 

Such circumstances have compelled the citizens to ask for stimulus checks. However, the possibility of federal checks are very much bleak. Thus, several states have announced financial fundings. Let us take a look at some of them. 

Stimulus Check Updates For October

In the absence of federal checks, stimulus check from states seems to be the way out. Most of the states have announced financial aid for their residents. Alaska has decided to extend the stimulus payments by twenty weeks. Arizona will be providing special checks worth $1000 to its education workers and teachers. Colorado will be dishing out $375 to registered unemployed citizens of the state. Delaware, Florida, Georgia & Hawaii have also confirmed more payments. 

California has been the front runner in stimulus payments. Gavin Newsom structured the Golden State Stimulus II. This program will roll out $600 for every eligible Californian. Underage Children will be provided a sum of $500 by the government. The state has so far issued close to 4.5million payments. Citizens should expect more such stimulus checks from the government in the future.