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Stimulus Check: Thousands Of Residents Are Yet To Receive The Third Check

Stimulus Check provided monetary benefits to the people of America. The program was sanctioned by the administration of Joe Biden.

America went into complete shutdown when the first wave of coronavirus hit the world. As the demands rise with each passing day, the possibility of another check seems bleak.

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The federal government has stated its reasons for not providing any more assistance. The rapid rate of vaccination, easing off the covid protocols, all directs towards the economy bouncing back. However, the reality is far from being worse.

Many households are still struggling to get through with their days. The $1400 checks seemed to be the last of the lot.

This made the American citizens very much concerned. They demanded vehemently further financing from the government.

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Petitions and letters were thrown at the government.  A recent survey has shown that a significant number of people have still not received their third stimulus check.

This data has been published recently by the IRS. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Stimulus Check Did Not Reach Thousands 

Stimulus Check from the federal government was last rolled out in the previous year. The IRS sent the $1400 check to almost every qualifying citizen of the country.

A total of 99.5% of the checks have been successfully dispatched. However, as many as 645,000 citizens have failed to collect their checks yet.

This data was provided recently by the Treasury Department of the IRS. 

The Third Stimulus Check reached billions of people. The citizens that did not receive the full amount at once qualified for the plus-up payments.

These difference amounts were also paid recently by the IRS. The IRS has encouraged the 645,000 citizens to apply for their missed checks fast. 

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