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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Stimulus Check Update- State To Issue Payments Of $2,000

Back in April, Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania had announced a plan that would see the citizens of the state receiving a stimulus check amounting to $2,000. This money would be taken from the American Rescue Plan Act of Joe Biden– but the proposal hasn’t yet been realized with the acting secretary of human services for the state cajoling the legislators to bring about this bill and make it a reality.

In the statement made by Tom Wolf in April, he mentioned that the PA Opportunity Program would be issuing payments to all the residents of the state and the money would definitely help the citizens cover up the bills as inflation continued to rise well above the normal rate. 

Stimulus Check Payment In Pennsylvania

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Speaking in a press release, the Governor stated that the citizens of the state should not have to opt between paying for groceries or utilities, gas, or child care. They had the opportunity as well as the means to ensure that the citizens weren’t struggling, and the stimulus check payment would definitely ensure that this plan is met with success.

The Governor further implored the General Assembly of the state to unite throughout the aisle on this for the sake of every Pennsylvania citizen– for their success would mean the success of the commonwealth. This scheme has stated that only those individuals who have earnings below $80,000 per year would be receiving the stimulus payment of $2,000. The program will also be using the federal funds to assist people in pursuing their education as well as their job training. 

Meg Snead, the Acting Human Services Secretary for the state, went on to urge the legislators to pass the stimulus check plan- stating that these payments would help the residents who have been struggling to cover the cost of food, fuel, and other consumer goods.

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