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Stimulus Check Update: Petition Has Crossed 2.8 Million Signatures

Around 2.8 million people have put in their signatures for a petition which calls for a fourth stimulus check. Under this petition, the citizens have been asking the federal government to provide a sum of $2,000 in monthly stimulus packages. One of the petitions has called for a sum of $2,000 every single month to every American who qualifies for the check.

In the event that the petition ends up receiving 3 million signatures, it will turn out to be one of the top signed on Change.org. Stephanie Bonin, the creator of this petition, stated that they needed immediate checks along with recurring payments so that they could keep their heads above water. 

A Fourth Stimulus Check Unnecessary?

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According to Newsweek, five relatively smaller petitions on Change.org have also garnered major traction due to them appealing for a fourth stimulus check. However, Congress is unlikely to work on it, irrespective of the growth of the petition.

The White House has not opened up about any plans of issuing another stimulus payment in the current climate- which can be directly attributed to the consistent improvement shown by the economy. It has also come to notice that the Biden administration has also not passed any direct legislation with the stimulus payment kept in mind. 

A fourth stimulus check will be on the top of the priority list of several American citizens throughout the year. This has led to several false claims circulating the internet, about a stimulus payment being disbursed by the federal government this week for up to a sum of $7,000. Previously, the federal government had gone ahead and distributed close to three different rounds of stimulus payments. 

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The first payment was signed off in March 2020, while the second one came in December 2020. The third round of stimulus payments came in March 2021, where most of the eligible individuals received a stimulus check of $1,400. 

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