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Monday, December 6, 2021

Stimulus Check Update: Petition Reaches 3 Million Signatures

With the pandemic showing no sign of stopping, quite a few American citizens have been holding on to hopes of another stimulus check. But sadly, the government doesn’t seem to be interested in another stimulus payment, especially Congress.

Last year saw Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner in Denver, bring out a petition on Change.org which called for recurring payments of $2,000 to every single American until the pandemic was firmly under control. Currently, the petition stands at around 2.9 million signatures, with its immediate goal set at 3 million. At 3 million signatures, this petition will turn into one of the top campaigns on the website.

Stimulus Check Petition Raising Awareness Throughout 

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In August, Bonin spoke to KUSA-TV about how the petition was gaining momentum slowly, with the Delta variant surging like the main strain of COVID-19. In her interview, Bonin asked about the change that was going to come out of the pandemic- to prove that the country was still undivided.

She further emphasized the need for another stimulus check, as the pandemic had definitely impacted the restaurant industry- something that had greatly affected her friends. She stated how the need for another payment was very important, as the Delta variant had slowly become the next thing. 

Due to the pandemic, Bonin’s husband lost his job. Now, while their restaurant is still open, she has been fearing another slowdown. In August, she mentioned that one of the indicators she has been checking is that their to-go orders have been going back up.

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After the vaccines came out, it just took a massive dive, with people actually willing to step out and eat at restaurants. But soon, the reluctance set in with the Delta variant. This is where a stimulus check would prove beneficial.

Although it is not transparent if Congress will budge on its resolution of not passing another stimulus check, the petition is definitely raising awareness for its need. 

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