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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Stimulus Check Petitions Has 4million Supporters

Stimulus Checks have been a great aid to the citizens. The American Rescue Plan was designed by the President of the USA back in March. They were programmed to provide financial relief to the citizens. People started focusing more on creativity. They did not have to worry about the financial pressure. Most of the citizens that received the check used it to meet important payments. More than half of the recipients used the Stimulus Check money to pay off their debt.

The third round of checks was dispatched by the IRS recently. The government did not look particularly interested in assuring any further payments. This made the general public feel insecure. They demanded more checks. The provision of the Stimulus Checks has funded some families. 

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However, many other households were still coping with the ill effects of the pandemic. Petitions have been signed in huge numbers. A number of petitions have been doing the rounds recently. They have generated a significant amount of interest among the citizens. Let us learn more details about the ongoing petitions. 

Stimulus Check: Petitions A Hit Despite Federal Reluctance

The ongoing scenario in the United States is not at all bright. Citizens are facing a lot of financial problems. However, the federal government is not at all interested. They are concentrating a lot on their trillion-dollar Build Back Better package. However, the package has faced a significant amount of backlash so far. 

Several petitions have been launched over the past months. People have shown immense support towards each of them. The signatures, if added together, tally up to four million. One of the biggest petitions has been the one initiated by Stephanie Bonin. Bonin started a petition online at the Change.org website. The bill proposed a stimulus check of $2000 per month for all Americans. 

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The Stimulus Check petition has alone reached almost 3million signs. The current tally stands at 2,950,700 signatures. 


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