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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Stimulus Check Petition En Route To Be The Most Signed

The IRS has so far dispatched stimulus checks worth $169m. More than 2million citizens benefited from the monetary assistance. The government has so far delivered reliefs amounting to $3200. These came in three parts- Coronavirus Aid Relief($1200), Economic Security Act($600) & American Rescue Plan($1400). The rescue plan was approved by the US President in March. 

America witnessed joy in the early part of 2021. It seemed that the worst days are finally over. The pandemic seemed to finally say goodbye. However, that was sadly not the case. Recent surveys have depicted the possibility of yet another wave. This time the villain is Delta. The Delta strain of the coronavirus is speculated to wreak havoc amidst the US. 

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Despite the huge push from the common mass, the government has turned a cold foot. The reluctance of the government has made the citizens restless. This has resulted in several petitions being initiated. All the petitions propose extra cash from the federal government. Out of this petition, a couple of them have gone particularly viral. The ones initiated by Representative Ilhan Omar & Stephanie Bonin have grabbed significant attention.

Stimulus Check: Petitions Nears 3million mark 

The government is being pressurized in all sorts of ways. Two petitions are doing rounds. The first one has been listed on a website called “Change.Org”. This is on the verge of becoming the most signed petition. Almost all people have signed in favor of further stimulus checks. The other one has been proposed by Ilhan Omar. Both these checks demand monthly payments for the citizens. 

Out of the two petitions, the one initiated by Stephanie Bonin has been a hit. It now awaits 50,000 signatures to complete the 3million mark. The bill proposes a stimulus check of $2000 per month for every citizen in the US. 

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